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Man Of Action Figure Now!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Trump/Pence Election Defense Fund

President Trump 2020 "Man of Action!" Talking Figure

About Our Trump

Schlock Toys is proud to announce our official launch product in honor of billionaire businessman, reality television personality and POTUS #45...DONALD J. TRUMP! Our YUGE President TRUMP is a full 12" tall, fully articulated and full of Action!

This is the kind of awesome action figure that you'll want to collect, give as a great stocking stuffer, and show off to your friends & family. Our 2020 Talking President TRUMP "Man of Action" Figure is designed to appeal to both hardcore and casual collectors. And especially to true TRUMP supporters!

But have no fear taking him out of his WINNING gift box. Go on...crack him open, if you dare! Look out LIBERALS! He's FULL of ACTION!

Everybody wants more TRUMP! Now, with your help, you can get your hands on the real deal!

Our Talking Trump "Man of Action" figure has the following features of "American Awesomeness":

• Push on his patriotic red power tie and he says 25 different fun and PRESIDENTIAL phrases from the campaign trail. You can be sure he'll say something that will TRUMP you!
• 11 points of "ALL-AMERICAN" articulation!
• Three sets of BEAUTIFUL interchangeable hands with the following gestures "At ease Soldier!", "Making his point!" and "Thumbs-up America!"
• Two different hair styles to suit your mood - one with Mr. TRUMP'S signature hairstyle, and the other with his red "Make America Great Again" cap!
• Assault Style Rifle with Bump Stock - because Liberals want to take your guns!
• Exclusive TRUMP Wall Gold brick
• Fake News killing STABLE GENIUS phone
• Real New York values! (POTUS don't front!)
• Plus, he comes wrapped up in a classy collector's gift box that is so swank, it would be right at home at Mar-a-Lago!


"What a great message to be sent, and I think Trump himself would love this and that he'd be excited about it!" --Tomi Lahren; Fox News

"You are really Making Toys Great Again with your Trump!" --Kanye West

"I've gotta have your Trump for one of my videos!" --Nick Egan; Music Video Director for Bob Dylan, Oasis, INXS, Alanis Morissette & Duran Duran



Who Are We?

Schlock Toys is a lethal combination of seasoned toy design, development, technology, supply chain, packaging and marketing experts who, combined, have well over a century of experience at some of the largest toy companies on the planet.

We eat, sleep, and breathe toys 24/7, and we know what you want (yes, we can read your minds!) plus, we know how to get our awesome goods in your hands!

Doc Schlock's lifelong dream has been to create a toy company that does things the right way: with vision, passion, talent and FUN! Our ultimate goal: to bring you the winningest toys ever!

Since we are the "World's First Kosher Toy Company", we have to answer to an even higher authority.

Our Mission

To make the most entertaining, innovative, and thought-provoking toys in the world. At Schlock Toys, we're working tirelessly to create the future of toys for kids of all ages.

Our future vision; to create the first fully American toy company with all operations on US soil employing thousands of Americans! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Leadership Team

Doc Schlock
(AKA William Hirsch)

President, CEO and proverbial "nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn". His parents always wanted him to be a doctor, though it didn't quite work out as they'd planned. William is a toy and licensed entertainment industry executive with over 25 years in toy design, licensed merchandise, entertainment creative, videogame, automotive design and product development. Throughout his career, William has designed and developed award-winning products for many of the largest global toy and entertainment brands in the known universe, crushing it for such industry heavyweights as: Mattel, Hasbro, 20th Century Fox, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, WildBrain, JAKKS Pacific, Spin Master, Renault, and Capcom. When not setting the toy world on FIRE, William is pounding the "Schlock" out of his drums for one of his many bands. Oy vey!

Grand Master Schlock
(AKA Barry M. Chung)

Chief Packaging Guru and master toy collector. Barry has illustrated the beloved published children's book, "Boris Ate A Thesaurus". He's been named honorary co-chairman of Read Across America by the California Teachers Association and has taught hundreds of children how to draw. In his previous life, Barry was a senior art director with Mattel Toys for ten years, and created many award-winning designs for Warner Brothers, Disney, Nickelodeon and 20th Century Fox. When not designing the world's most epic packaging and graphics, Barry is annoying the "Schlock" out of his neighbors while doing burnouts in his mint '70 Chevelle SS.

(AKA Mark B. Hirsch)

Our "Chief Schlock-Slinger", Mark heads up our Sales, PR and Marketing here at Schlock Toys. Besides wining the birth lottery and being part of the Schlock family, Mark is also a highly accomplished product development, sales and marketing professional with a string of successes in venture start-ups. His expertise spans multiple industry verticals including eCommerce, financial publishing, information and data products, public relations, on and offline direct marketing, with a focus on product management, business model design and corporate development. Mark has previously held executive and leadership positions at Stroll and Agora. When not "Slinging" for Schlock Toys, Mark enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

Schlock Dog
(AKA Marley "One Love")

Schlock Toys' resident dogger and furball in chief. Marley is our one-year-old black male Puli. While he is known to occasionally growl, bark and lunge at clients, his perpetually wagging tail swears that he's only trying to say hello! Marley keeps things in perspective for all of us here at Schlock Toys, though he sometimes chews up the merchandise. Bad boy!



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